Estimating Hail Class

Our estimating class is a one day course that teaches dent repair technicians the estimating skills needed to increase their overall profits. We have helped out new technicians and even technicians that have been in the business for 20 years. This class simply give you are raise for the rest of your PDR career. Your profit is directly related to your estimate. Also, one should understand that quality is directly related to pricing…As price goes down, usually the quality follows. The cost of a repair is directly related to the size and number of dents as well as the type of car being repaired.

What you may not realize is that different companies will come up with drastically different estimation amounts.  Other paintless dent removal companies promote their services by offering prices that may seem like a discount at the time but often result in lower quality repairs and less profit for the technicians and body shops that handle the repairs. The negotiating and estimation skills taught in this class will help dent removal technicians increase their profits. The skills will be beneficial to both beginner and master technicians that want to achieve success in the paintless dent removal industry. No other school can offer you the knowledge of pricing like PDR University.

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