New Technician

We offer two separate classes for new dent repair technicians.  Any new technician will need to decide if they are interested in becoming a route technician that will work with dealerships and body shops or a hail damage technician that removes dents after hail storms.  Each class is designed to teach the skills needed for the type of dent removal career you intend to pursue. Although each program will focus on one skill set, you will also learn how to remove both types of damage.  Many schools focus on teaching general dent removal techniques, but at PDR University we understand that you will need a specific skill set depending on what career path you choose.

Route technician – Our route technician dent repair training program is a six-week hands on training course. You will learn basic paintless dent removal skills focusing on door ding removal and removal of dents and dings that usually end up on the sides of vehicles. The route technician class focuses on building relationships with local auto body shops and dealerships. Our program will teach you the dent removal skills and give you the marketing tools needed to become a successful route technician.

Hail Damage Technician – The hail damage technician training course will focus on the skills needed to remove dents and dings caused by hail damage. This six-week course will prepare you for a career as a mobile dent repair technician also known as a hail chaser.  The class will offer hands on dent repair training for dents caused by hail as well as training on effective marketing techniques. This is a very competitive field and no other school will give you the knowledge that it takes to compete with seasoned veterans.

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