Our main campus is located in Minneapolis, MN but we also have an affiliate school in St. Louis, MO that offers the same curriculum with the same pricing. Although we do not have a large number of locations we feel it is better to offer high quality paintless dent removal instruction as oppose to a wide range of locations.

It may seem like a better idea to choose a school closer to home but choosing a dent repair training facility based on location instead of quality will leave you with below average skills making it difficult to succeed in today’s competitive market. Please keep in mind that other schools are just trying to sell tools or would just rather make fast money with a 2 week course. It is estimated that 90% of these students fail to learn the skill and their tools collect dust because they are not being used. Before you decide to take a 2 week course, please feel free to call us. We have nothing to hide and would rather talk you out of the business than take your money.

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